Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Introduction

Allrecipes Allstar Brand Ambassador

Hmmmmm.....sounds fancy, doesn't it?  Well, my goal here is to share my monthly experiences in the fun and instructive program.  I became an Allstar Brand Ambassador in February of 2013, so I'm still getting my feet wet.  I felt it's time to start experimenting with the blogging process, so here goes!

The program involves home cooks from all across the United States.  I believe there are about 120 of us.  I was so excited to be chosen for this program from all the many cooks that frequent the site.  I've been a member of the site since 2000.  If you ever need to find a recipe published, prepared and reviewed by home cooks, the Allrecipes site is for you.

Each month the Brand Ambassadors receive assignments to prepare, photograph and review recipes using certain brands.  My goal with the blog is to report on each month's activities and relate information about recipes I've chosen to complete my assignments.

This month our sponsors are Johnsonville Italian Sausages and Ore-Ida potatoes.  That's a win-win for me, as I love both! 

The Brand Ambassador program is voluntary and involves no compensation from sponsors or Allrecipes.  It's such fun to try recipes the sponsors provide to the Allrecipes site.  Since being a part of the program beginning in February, I haven't been disappointed in any of the recipes I've made.

I love to cook.  I'm now retired from my job as a tax accountant, so have plenty of time to enjoy my passion.  My husband is enjoying it, too!  I look forward to our assignments every month, and look forward to sharing my experiences here.

So, this month, here's to Johnsonville #JvilleKitchens AND #AllstarsJville and Ore-Ida #AllstarsOreIda.  Stay tuned for results from my October assignments!!

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