Sunday, November 10, 2013

Allrecipes Magazine
Call me crazy, but I was excited to learn that the Allrecipes Magazine was being mailed out this month.  It's a new publication, and I've been eagerly waiting for the next issue since the first one was mailed out during the summer.  Now I've learned the mag will be published every other month, so no more wondering when the next issue will arrive.

I read this magazine from cover-to-cover.  I can't help myself.  First I skim through it to see how many names I recognize.  I was so surprised in the first issue to see one of my reviews published!  This is a magazine for home cooks BY home cooks.  All of the recipes, reviews, and decorating ideas are from Allrecipes members.  I think that's way cool!!

I love to read, and sometimes participate, on the Buzz at Allrecipes.  It's a place where anyone can ask any question and receive helpful tips and answers from other home cooks.  Because I go there every day (it's one of my addictions), there are a lot of names I recognize.  I love that!!

The magazine will be on newsstands beginning November 12th, so if you're not a subscriber yet, pick one up.  It's really a fun read.  Here's what the front cover looks like for this issue.

YUM!  Christmas cookies.  I'm going to try one of the recipes in this issue.  We love meatloaf.  It's one of our comfort foods.  There's a recipe on page 20 that's similar to the one I make, but for some reason I never thought to add brown sugar to the topping.  Looks good, doesn't it?

And I'm soooo gonna try this!  My house faces south, so gets a lot of sun on the front door.  When I hang a shiny wreath, it's so pretty!  Looks easy, and I think it'll look great on the door.  I figure there's no reason I can't use any colors I want, so I'm going to make it to contrast with and match the door color, which is a dark turquoise-y blue.  Maybe pale blue with lime green or even lavender.  We'll see, but it sounds like fun to me.  Page 70 in the magazine.
If you're an addict, like me, seriously....check out the magazine.  If you like it, and you will, subscribe here:
Heck, $12 for a year is a bargain in my world!  Happy reading Allrecipeeps!!!!


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